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Dalan (TV Program)

Dalan Tele – Serial: An acclaimed tele-serial Dalan came at a time when Nepal was going through transformations after a decade long insurgency, which led to the peoples movement – II and paved way for every citizen to stand up for their rights. Based on the lives and traditions of the so-called untouchable communities in Nepal, Dalan discloses facts on how the unjust land polices have suppressed them for years. The script of the story revolves around the social and political history of the country from 1991-2007, their accent, lifestyle, dress codes and ethics have been taken into account through immense research and analysis of historical data.52 episodes of this Tele serial were already been broadcasted  through the central broadcasting service of Nepal Television (NTV).

Dalan Clubs: Because of the immense popularity of Dalan, people started being associated with Dalan through forming clubs. More than 3 6 Dalan clubs have been formed not only in Nepal but in the countries like India, Malaysia, Dubai, America, and London apart from other countries.