Dalit Human Rights – Jagaran Media Center

Dalit Human Rights

With the motive of ensuring protection of Dalit human rights, JMC advocates and lobbies through its Human Rights Department. This department documents violation of Dalit human rights, disperses the news through mainstream and local media, conducts field visits to monitor the cases, organizes meetings with Dalit-rights based organizations and creates pressure to ensure justice to the victim and prosecute the perpetrators through proper legal channels.

JMC has the national network of Dalit and pro Dalit journalists, who at grass root level work as the Dalit human right watchdog and share the violation cases occurred over their which JMC publishes though its ocial media network and radio program and disseminates to several other mainstream media as well. Once such violation cases are received through media or network, JMC organized a collective meeting of Dalit right based organizations for formulating strategy to approach the case and work for lobby to ensure justice and right through media mobilization.