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Dalit Research Center

The JMC library has a collection of 602 books on Dalit issues, inclusive of sub themes like media, reservation, women, law, history, politics, children, conflict etc. It also has an archive of approximately 150 working papers and reports on Dalit issues. The library is open from 9.30am to 5 pm. Interested individuals can contact the JMC office to visit the library.


The JMC is proud to host one of the leading centers for Dalit information in Nepal. The Dalit Research and Resource Center hosts many of the books, articles and research studies linked to the Dalit movement. As JMC documents and follows cases of Dalit rights violations around the country, the Research and Resource Center as collection of this information has enabled the media to make these cases public. JMC carries on different researches on Dalits time to time.

The Dalit Research and Resource Center continually strives to expand its activities and become the leading resource for Dalit information in Nepal. We welcome journalists, students, and anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of the issues facing Nepal’s Dalit to utilize this wonderful resource.

Facts And Figures Of Dalits In Nepal

Spatial distribution of the population of caste groups in Nepal
As of final result of the census total population of Nepal 2001 is 2,31,51,423.
SN Caste / Ethnicity Population Percentage
Hill Dwellers 1 Hill Dwellers Kami (Blacksmith) 8,95,954 3.94
2 Damai (Tailor) 3,90,305 1.72
3 Sarki (Cobbler) 3,18,989 1.4
4 Gaine (Singer) 5,887 0.03
5 Badi (Entertainer) 4,402 0.02
Terai Dwellers 6 Terai Dwellers Chamar 2,69,661 1.19
7 Musahar 1,72,434 0.76
8 Dushad 1,58,525 0.7
9 Dhobi 73,413 0.32
10 Khatwe 74,972 0.33
11 Tamta 76,512 0.34
12 Santhal, Satar 42,698 0.19
13 Jhangad 41,764 0.18
14 Wantar 35,839 0.16
15 Kahar 34,531 0.15
16 Mali 11,390 0.05
17 Dome 8,931 0.04
18 Halkhor 3,621 0.02
19 Pattharkattha 522
Possible Dalit Caste 20 Unidentified Dalit 1,73,401 0.76
21 Possible Dalit Caste Sonar 145,088 0.64
22 Lohar 82,637 0.36
Total  30,21,386 13.38

Media Watch

Media Watch report is published twice a year. All national level daily newspapers are monitored and evaluated regarding the frequency of articles published on Dalit issues. Different subjects like education, women, health, conflict, incidents etc are also analysed. Every six-month Media watch report is discussed with all the chief editors of newspapers involved. The main objective is to create more media coverage on Dalit issues in Nepali newspapers.

You can view/download Media Watch Reports from the Publications section.

JMC Publications

Art Agianst Untouchablity

SN File Name File Size (KB) Download Link

Media Analisis

SN File Name File Size (KB) Download Link
1 Media and Untouchablity ACT 84.0908203125 Click here

Media Watch

SN File Name File Size (KB) Download Link
1 Media Watch 2070 Baishak 67.5859375 Click here


SN File Name File Size (KB) Download Link
1 Dalit Samyantra 32.783203125 Click here
2 Untouchablity Act English, 2068 148.641601562 Click here
3 Bill of Cast-based Discrimitation and Untouchability Nepali 42.3798828125 Click here


SN File Name File Size (KB) Download Link
1 ANNUAL REPORT 2010 718.484375 Click here
2 Dalit Cast Annex By NDC 25.0576171875 Click here
3 12 days Movement for end untouchablity 4503.81640625 Click here
4 Media coverage of 12 days anti-untouchablity campaign 2013 6838.35839844 Click here