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Katwal Radio Magazine

Katwal Radio Magazine is one of the units of the Jagaran Media Center. It has been continuously operating since 2003. The objective of KRM is to establish social equity and justice through discussions, dramas, field reporting and interviews. 415 episodes of KRM have been broadcasted and 646 listener clubs are formed under Katwal Radio Magazine.

KRM Broadcasting FM Radio Stations and Broadcasting Schedule

SN Name of FM Radio Stations  Broadcasting Schedule 
  Shri Nagar F.M. Palpa  Thursday 08:00am–08:30 am
  Suklaphant F.M. Mahendranagar  Saturday 12:30pm-01:00 pm
  Radio Jagaran, Butwal  Tuesday 07:30am-08:00am
  Radio Pyuthan Pyuthan  Wednesday 07:00am-07:30 am
  Radio Kalapani, Darchula  Tuesday 07:00am-07:30am
  Hamro Radio Dolakha  Monday 07:30pm–08:00pm
  RadioTarang Parsa  Wednesday 07:00am-07:30am
  Jagaran FM Surkhet  Saturday 07:30am-08:00pm
  Radio gorkha Gorkha  Tuesday 08:00pm-08:30pm
  Himchuli Fm Pokhara  Monday 07:30pm-08:00pm
  Radio Bhorukawa Saptari  Tuesday 07:30pm-08:00pm
  Radio Pariwartan Sunsari  Sunday 07:30pm-8:00pm
  Radio Karnali Jumla  Monday 07:30am-08:00am
  Radio Aandhikhola Syanja  Tuesday 07:30am-08:00am
  Radio Udayapur Udayapur  Wednesday 05:30pm-6:00pm

Katwal Radio Listeners Clubs:

Listener's Clubs are the pillars of the Katwal Radio Magazine and their establishment is a major achievement of Jagaran Media Center. These clubs are self-motivated, self helped, locally formed and self-mobilized. 646 Listener's Clubs have been formed in 46 districts across the country. The clubs are in network within themselves and JMC through the District Coordination Committees (11 DDCs in separate districts). The clubs are highly active in raising awareness on untouchability and caste based discrimination, and organizing local level activities.

Details of the Listener Clubs:

Total Listener's Clubs 646   
Total Members 6875  
Total Male 4570 66%
Total Female 2305 34%
Total Dalit 2432 35%
Total Non-Dalit 4443 65%