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10 Years' Exile to Dalit's Love Affair

A boy from Dalit community was sent in exile for 10 years as a part of punishment for his love affair with the women from non Dalit community in Achham district. 17 years Mahendra BK, who has been receiving the treatment in India, was severely tortured by the non Dalit community before he was sent to exile. The case came out only after victim's father registered the complaint at one non governmental organization located in Surkhet district. The sole reason of his exile was his love affairs with one 22 years' woman from Dalit community named Padma Kumari BC. Police took NRP 15,000 from Mahendra as penalty and left him in regular follow up instead giving justice to him. Then the people from so called upper caste collectively tortured Mahendra to make him accept his guilty for his lower caste before he was exiled said Bise Tiruwa, Mahendra's father. Padma's father along with some other locales including Chandra BC, Tikaram BC, Buvan BC and Tekbahadur BC physically assaulted Mahendra at his own home and made him promise not to return home for ten years from India. The event comes out only one and half month after it occurred due to lacking timely support from other against Dalit family. Mahendr's father said that he could report the police getting regular threat from so called upper caste people. The case came out once his father informed at Center for Agriculture Development. According to Tiruwa, Mahendra is receiving treatment in Indian hospital with the help of some Nepali living in India in poor health condition. Few months before this event Mahendra was once arrested by the police associating inthe same case. At Bahiravsthan of Accham district the caste based discrimination has been practiced at extreme level. Five years before similar case was also took place in the same area. At that time Haliya (bond labor) Ujjale Kami was sent in exile in the presence of then VDC secretary Prem Bahadur Budha by taking 40,000/- as a penalty in charge of having physical relationship with the wife of his own landlord. Son left the country crying: Bise Tiruwa This is a year old story that my son Mahendra BK went to India, where he started the job, for earning money after appearing his SLC examination. Back in the society rumor of his affair with Padma BC, wife of Chakra Maukale, started to be a matter of public gossip. AS a result, a conspiracy was threaded to bring him back from India. As a part of this conspiracy, Padma made telephone call to Mahendra in India requesting him to take her with him where he is. Later Mahendra came back to Nepal then at Mahendranagar they met each other. However, Maukale coordinated with one policeman, who is also Padma's relative, to arrest them at Mahendranagar. Mahendra was arrested whereas Padma was taken by the same policeman and finally she was taken to the village back. On the next day, I was informed that Mahendra had been in police custody so I had to go to receive him. I become unconscious to know that the son who was in India for making money was held by police. I went to police office and became able to release him from there. Again, Padma's maternal side asked me to come up with Mahednra at their village where I went. In their first sight, they assaulted Mahendra physically and later to me as well. On the next day, we were taken to Bindrasaini Police Office, which transferred the case to Tunibagar Police Office of Achham district, where we stayed for three days. In the police office, Mahendra's guilty was forcefully assured without consulting Padma. 56,000/- amount was charged over us as a penalty then Chakra become ready to keep his wife with him. I paid the money taking loan, it was very hard for me return that loan in time. Then again, Padma had given her contact number requesting Mahendra to call her. In the same charge, they threaten us at our own home. On the next day, they again came to our home and started assaulting over us. We requested them kindly that went unheard. Later Mahendra was arrested by police, where they continuing beating him. There he was not beaten only but our neighbor Dalit people was also beaten. They threaten him to leave the village and will destroy the whole family if returned before 10 years. For the sake of family he became ready to go for exile. He left the village crying. Due to repetitive assault, problem in his heart is notice through medical check up. So his heart surgery needed to be carried out. We have no money for the treatment so are unable to assist him. Nepalese leaving in Panjab are, to somehow supporting for his treatment.