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Seminar on Dalits of Nepal and Social Justice in Nepal

Event Date: Friday, August 15, 2014 Event Location: Alpha Beta Complex, New Baneswor,Kathmandu A seminar on Dalits of Nepal and Social Justice will be organized on 15 August 2014. Political leader Pradip Giri will present a paper on the theme followed by comments by political leaders Biswabhakta Dulal 'Ahuti', Binod Pahadi, Ghansyam Bhusal, Devendra Paudel, and political analyst C. K. Lal. The discussion will focus on various aspects of distributive, procedural, interactional, restorative and retributive justice relating to Dalits of Nepal. The seminar will contribute to intensify national discourse on social justice relating to the Dalits of Nepal and help to Constituent Assembly members and political parties to ensure social justice to the Dalits in the new constitution.