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Our Campaign

Journalism Training

Information is a key element to inform and empower the people. JMC believes that only informed people can take better decision. JMC has been providing journalism training to Dalit youth to increase the number of Dalit journalists at national and local media houses (Print media, Broadcasting media, and Online). Also, the organization has been providing training to non-Dalit journalists in order to sensitize them about Dalit issues. This has greatly helped to increase Dalit community’s access to information. The organization has already trained more than 800 Dalit youths. They were trained in course of series of journalism trainings and programs. Furthermore, JMC has been providing thematic journalism training on Human Rights, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Disaster Risk Reduction, Education, Health and Governance.

Community FM Radio

JMC has established Community radio “Radio Jagaran 93.6 MHz” in Butwal in January 2007 with 500 WATT. This is the first radio station run by Dalit community in South Asia. The radio produces and broadcasts wide range of issues on Dalit, women, indigenous peoples, differently able people, Madhesi, LGBTI and Muslim in order to ensure their social justice and equality in the society. The listeners in three adjoining districts of Butwal have started forming Jagaran Groups to get involve with the radio station. More than 30 groups and 20 information centers have been established. They have been continuously engaged in initiating door-to-door campaigns, street drama and other activities organized by Information Center to end social discrimination.

Jagaran Information Centers

With the view of maintaining mutual collaboration between Radio Jagaran and the community levels people, 20 Information Centers have been formed in the 15 VDCs of Rupendehi, Kapilvastu and Navalparasi. These centers are primarily engaged in promoting awareness at community level and sensitizing local level governmental agencies through lobby and advocacy, door-to-door campaign, street drama performance. They also act as the basic source of information to Radio Jagaran in respect with social issues.

Jagaran Groups

Because of popularity of the Radio Jagaran 93.6 MHz, local people surrounding three districts started forming Jagaran Groups to get associated with the radio station. More than 30 groups have been formed so far.

Both Jagaran Information Centers and Jagaran Group were formed in the local initiatives to work as bridge between community level people and Radio station. They are self-sustained and socially motivated and committed to mitigate social injustice through participatory method. They carry out door to door campaign, street drama, lobby with law enforcement agencies and policy makers of local level and report local news to Radio Jagaran.

Television Programme

JMC has been producing and broadcasting “Pahal Samabeshikaran”, a fortnightly TV program, through national ABC television. The main objectives of the program are to raise awareness on issues related to Dalit, Women and Marginalized communities. The programme aims to facilitate the creation of a Safe space for purposeful face-to-face engagement to enable individuals and communities to transform their perceptions and attitude towards each other. In addition, the episodes of TV programs are also shared through Jagaran Media Center’s networks and social meida i.e. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

JMC produced Dalan, a popular tele-serial, focusing on hardship, suppression and struggles of Dalit community in Nepal. Fifty-two episodes of the tele-serial were broadcasted through Nepal Television. Various academic institutes and right bodies across the world acknowledged the serial as resource material. Impressed by its immense popularity, people formed viewers’ club in different parts of the country and get associated with Dalan. More than 500 Dalan viewers’ clubs have been formed within and outside the country. Apart from Nepal such clubs were formed in India, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and the United Kingdom. These clubs are the tools to carry out JMC mission. This program was awarded from NTV and One World Media, UK.

Media Watch and ebullition

JMC is also monitoring media content and coverage regarding Dalit issues. It publishes Media Watch report every month. All national level daily newspapers are monitored and evaluated regarding the frequency of articles published on Dalit issues. Different subjects like Dalit human rights, education, women, health, conflict, incidents etc. are also analyzed. It also holds discussion over Media watch with all the chief editors of newspapers in a gap of six month. The main objective of this media watch program is to create more media coverage on Dalit issues in Nepali newspapers. JMC ha also been continuously publishing E-bulletin on monthly basis.

Media Content Production

JMC has been developing content for radio, television, and street drama on Dalit and its crosscutting issues. The major themes are untouchability, caste and gender-based discrimination, gender equality and social inclusion, political participation, constitutional provision, health, education, social security schemes, political representation, inclusion, human rights, democracy, disaster and its impact, access on resources, services and so on.  Based on developed content, JMC produces radio and television programs, which further disseminated through local and national radio/television stations.

Media Action Grassroots Networks

Jagaran Media Centre has local and national media action groups for eliminating and advocating discrimination, untouchability, and ensuring the caste and gender equality and human rights of Dalit and marginalized communities. 20 information centers, 30 Jagaran groups, 500 Dalan groups and 5 Dalit human rights defender groups, JMC’s representatives from 75 districts of Nepal, Federation of Nepali Journalist Branches, and community FM radio stations are JMC’s media action grassroots networks. The formed grassroots networks are consistently fighting to make equitable and inclusive society where everyone can live in discrimination free society.

Through the JMC grassroots networks, JMC reached and recognized local and national Dalit issues, political parties and leaders, right holder and duty bearers, media houses and journalists to mainstream Dalit issues through media mobilization. The networks are continuously engaged in making accountable service delivery agencies and empowering Dalit communities for exercising their rights.

Jagaran Online

Jagaran Media Centre has also started its online from 2017 to mainstream Dalit issues. It is a complete media hub where Dalit related local, regional and national NEWS are documented and disseminated within likeminded organizations. Moreover, JMC online visitor can get all the Dalit related news, radio programs, television programs, PSA/Jingle, researches and publication, reports, online Radio jagaran, view and opinion, documentaries, success stories, and other Dalit related information. The NEWS in the online are both in English and Nepali.

Social Media

JMC has been regularly updating mainstream the Dalit issues through JMC’s

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JMC disperses on a daily basis.  It has become a valuable tool to interact with members and interested parties.