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Peace, Democracy And Good Governance (PDG)

The representation of the Dalit community at the policy-making and policy-implementation levels is bleak and the likelihood of improvement is low being that Nepal is going through a transitional period and government restructuring process. This is the prime time to ensure Dalit rights in the new state mechanism. Realizing this fact, JMC has been regularly organizing face-to-face interactions and public hearings with policy makers, members of civil society, and community level leaders in establishing the department known as PDG.

Discriminative practices within the Dalit community have been realized simultaneously with the discrimination between Dalit and non Dalit which has contributed to the supporters of caste based discrimination in Nepal. In this pretext, JMC also conducted the intra Dalit dialogues with and among the different caste groups of Dalit communities aiming at reviewing the agenda of Dalit movement more inclusive and wider so as to bring the agenda of marginalized Dalit community into mainstream and subject them to entertain the right and benefits equally.