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Dalit Research and Resource Center

The JMC is proud to host one of the leading centers for Dalit information in Nepal.   The Dalit Research and Resource Center hosts many books, articles and research studies linked to the Dalit movement. As JMC documents and follows cases of Dalit human rights violations around the country, The Dalit Research and Resource Center grows its collection of this information that enables the media and other civil society members to make these cases public. JMC researches various Dalit issues from time to time, which also adds to the value of Resource Center. The Resource Centre continually strives to expand its activities and become the leading resource for information on Dalit rights and caste-based discrimination in Nepal.  We welcome journalists, students, professors, researchers and anyone seeking a better understanding of the Nepal’s Dalit issues to utilize this source for enlightenment and as a tool for advocacy.  To enrich this center JMC in different time period organized book collection campaign, collect the books from different personalities, purchases book under the various project schemes and maintains the media watch of every day for last 12 years.